Our Story

MSi is a seasoned team of cyber security professionals, control system engineers, combat and business experts committed to protecting critical physical assets, and the control systems that monitor and operate them.

Originally developed at the University of Virginia, and in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense, our risk assessment methodology and proprietary hardware/software product platform were initially developed to help protect critical defense platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and ships.

Since that time, we’ve commercialized our technology into a suite of services and solutions to address the unique cyber security challenges of the oil and gas, power, transportation, and defense industries. Our patented* MSi Platform mitigates cyber attacks throughout your operations and gives you total visibility and corrective capability to maintain safe and reliable operations.

This short video features Daniel Park, CTO at Mission Secure offering a brief summary of Mission Secure's cyber physical security solutions.

MSi History

In 2010, a team of researchers at the University of Virginia published a series of white papers highlighting the need for cyber security solutions for military and homeland security systems while illustrating the reality of advanced persistent threats to defense and energy sector systems. To address the rapid evolution of cyber attack capabilities, the team focused their work on creating cyber defense solutions that make attacks more complex and costly for potential cyber physical adversaries — without degrading system performance and at a reasonable cost to the system owner.

In 2012, the team began developing a prototype of their “System-Aware Cybersecurity” approach through a DoD funded program focused on developing and implementing a secure, on-board protection mechanism for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The project yielded positive results, including successful on-board flight tests of MSi’s Secure Sentinel in late 2014. (See UAV CASE STUDY)

In 2014, the co-founders of Roam Secure, an innovative and successful homeland security software company, as well as a team of former military officers with extensive combat system and cyber security expertise, joined the UVA researchers to create Mission Secure, Inc. Over the past three years, the team has expanded to include a range of highly capable engineers (systems, network, cyber, nuclear, electrical, mechanical, control system), computer science PhDs, white hat hackers, former military cyber command red and blue team experts and more working to support customers in defense, oil and gas, power, and transportation.