Patented* MSi Platform

Complete control system cyber VISIBILITY and PROTECTION from Level 0 to 2 — that’s the difference.

Daniel Park, Mission Secure CTO, provides a brief overview of the patented* MSi Platform

The Problem
Purdue Model levels 0-2 currently lack cyber protections, leaving process control systems vulnerable when an attack penetrates into the operational technology space.


Purdue Control System Model

Solution Levels

The Solution
The patented* MSi Platform — comprised of the MSi Secure Sentinel, MSi 1 and MSi Console — take plant, facility and control system security to an unparalleled level with six points of action and awareness.

MONITOR – Continual and secure, multi-layered system monitoring at network IP level and digital and analog signals

DETECT – Real-time analysis and automated incident detection

INFORM – Secure and dedicated communications systems with trusted system operators and cyber security professionals

COLLECT – System data from the digital and analog sensors and actuators, controllers and OT network for forensic purposes

CORRECT – Automated, or operator guided, response and restoration of mission and/or system function to a safe operating state

PROTECT – Restrict unauthorized access, block malware and ransomware from reaching important controllers and level 1 devices

Patented* MSi Platform

The only control system cyber security solution providing VISIBILITY and PROTECTION in the operational technology environment down to level 0 and 1 devices. Operates with ANY control system hardware manufacturer or device and improves the safety rating of control systems.

Level 0-2 Protection

  • Passively and continuously monitor processes, controllers and OT network traffic from levels 0-2
  • Protect PLCs, RTUs, safety systems, servers, remote I/O and other Intelligent Electronic Devices
  • Level 0-1 defense by validating operational processes at digital and analog signals, controllers and HMI

Military Strength

Industrial grade

  • Industrial compute boards, minus 40 degrees to plus 80 degrees Celcius
  • Mean time to failure rated at 13 years +, DIN rail mounted, 24 V DC
  • Multiple OT protocols, digital & analog, serial & ethernet supported

Cost effective

  • Sentinel and MSi 1 components' very low cost enable scalable, affordable component-level protection

“We endorse the MSi Platform as a solution any organization with control systems should strongly consider deploying to provide enhanced cyber security and protection of their control systems. We appreciate companies that take cyber security of their products seriously and open them up to this level of intense testing.”

Brett Scott
Director, AZ CWR

Patented* MSi Platform has three main components

MSi Console
On-premise (or fully hosted) software manages a fleet of MSi 1's and Sentinels across a deployment (facility, production site, control network) to manage OT cyber defense and provide visibility to OT operators and the IT cyber team

  • Proprietary server based software deployed at customer site (or hosted & managed by MSi)
  • Operator and SOC cyber interfact to the OT world
  • Connects and manages fleet of Sentinels and MSi 1's
  • Understands the system state
  • Investigates detected incidents
  • Provides automated or operator-guided corrective actions
  • Collects and stores incident data and allows for forensic analysis
  • Extends virtual MSi 1 and Sentinel capabilities
  • Alerts designated personnel (e.g., system operators) of cyber attacks, operator errors and mechanical failures
  • Integrates with cyber security operations center and third party solutions - Splunk, SIEM, and more


MSi 1
Level 1 defense for PLCs, controllers, digital relays, remote I/O, and other Intelligent Electronic Devices

  • Embedded, hardened hardware and software device installs in front of control system devices for component-level protection
  • Level 1-2 passive OT network monitoring detects abnormal network traffic
  • Block unauthorized access to a control device and stop a 'Ukraine power grid' type of cyber attack
  • Stop unsafe and/or unauthorized commands from being sent to and executed by a control device
  • Block malware or ransomware from being installed on a control device
  • Secure communication from operator and servers to/from control devices to ensure integrity of command and control (prevent 'man-in-the-middle' attack)
  • Monitor control device configurations and prevent unsafe changes to logic and firmware to stop a Stuxnet type of cyber attack
  • Remotely restore control devices to a “known good” state
  • Works with any hardware manufacturer or device
  • No adverse impacts on system peformance
  • Very low cost

This video demonstrates the impacts due to cyber attacks on protective relays and other Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) which are widely deployed in the power industry and other industries. It also shows a cost-effective solution via the patent-pending MSi 1. This demonstration is not meant to single out any particular manufacturer or product. It is simply representative of control devices lacking inherent cyber security.


MSi Secure Sentinel
Level 0-1 protections down to level 0 field devices, System Aware for digital & analog I/O devices and controllers

  • Embedded, hardened hardware and software device installs between the controller and field instrumented devices
  • Provide true operational state and visibility by reading digital and analog signals, contoller set points/parameters and HMI
  • Vertical analysis to ensure key control system components are aligned, and have not been compromised
  • System aware compares multiple sensor readings (digital, analog, serial, ethernet) and determines actual system state
  • Detects cyber attacks, human error or mechanical failures that would go otherwise undetected
  • Built to operate in diverse environments
  • Supports DIN rail mount, 32 I/0 per device and operates off of 24V DC
  • Minus 40 to plus 80 degrees Celcius
  • Securely monitors critical system functions
  • Provides automated or guided corrective action capabilities
  • No adverse impacts on system performance
  • Very low cost

This video demonstrates the impacts due to cyber attacks on a sample ICS system. It also shows a cost effective, easily integrated protection exists via the patent-pending MSi Secure Sentinel. This demonstration is not meant to single out any particular manufacturer or product. It is simply representative of the general state of ICS systems.