Our Partners

Mission Secure is proud to be collaborating with strategic industry leaders, investors and companies. Together, MSi and our partners operate with a single mission: To prepare for and protect against cyber attacks.

Industry Partner Highlights

American Bureau of Shipping - Mission Secure, Inc Partner

American Bureau of Shipping

As a leading global provider of classification and technical advisory services, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is committed to setting the standards for safety and excellence in design and construction for the marine and offshore industries. Read more >

Econolite - Mission Secure, Inc Partner


Progressing automated vehicles, smart cities, and cybersecurity, Econolite is the one-stop-shop for traffic management solutions. Their Centracs solution is in over 270 agencies—the highest installed system in North America. Read more >

National Cyber Security Centre - Mission Secure, Inc Investor

National Cyber Security Centre

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre supports growing start-up cybersecurity companies aiming to bring better, faster and economical security solutions to market. Read more >

GCHQ - Mission Secure, Inc Investor


The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is a world-leading intelligence, cyber and security agency with a mission to keep the UK safe. Read more >

Expert Investor Highlights

Chevron Technologies - Mission Secure, Inc Investor

Chevron Technology Ventures

Chevron Technology Ventures champions innovation, commercialization and integration of emerging technologies into Chevron. Read more >

Macquarie Capital & R/GA Ventures - Mission Secure, Inc Investor

Macquarie Capital +
R/GA Ventures

Macquarie Capital and RG/A Ventures partner to promote innovation in InfraTech, the convergence of infrastructure and technology. Read more >

Energy Innovation Capital - Mission Secure, Inc Investor

Energy Innovation Capital

The energy industry's key capital hub, Energy Innovation Capital is one of the most experienced and proven group of investors in energy innovation. Read more >

Blue Bear Capital - Mission Secure, Inc Investor

Blue Bear Capital

Blue Bear focuses specializes in private companies applying data-driven technologies and innovative business models to the global energy supply chain. Read more >

University of Virginia Seed Fund - Mission Secure, Inc Investor

University of Virginia

Matching Mission Secure's roots and headquarters in Virginia, the University of Virginia's LVG Seed Fund helps transform ideas into innovation with impact. Read more >

Join Our Mission

The MSi ecosystem of strategic partners combines our partners' expertise and respective acumen with MSi's patented, leading-class cybersecurity platform and cyber advisory services. Bonded by one mission, together, we deliver superior industrial control system cybersecurity solutions for our clients.

Our ecosystem is expanding! We're excited to announce new partnerships in the coming months, and we're always open to new partners including VARs, integrators, OEMs and more.

A comprehensive hardware-software solution protecting assets from levels 0 to level 2: A comprehensive hardware-software solution protecting assets from levels 0 to level 2: With MSi, get the expertise, technology and service you need to protect critical infrastructure: defense, energy, transportation and more.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a MSi strategic partner. Join the mission.