Our Story

Mission Secure, Inc. (MSi) provides unprecedented control system cyber security visibility AND protection. The patented* MSi Platform has been conceived, developed and deployed by a world class team of cyber security professionals, control system engineers, PhDs, and military and business experts. Our team is committed to protecting critical physical assets, and the control systems that monitor and operate them, in defense, energy and transportation.


The original concepts began in 2010, borne out of requests from the U.S. Department of Defense to identify cyber attacks on weapons systems and platforms and still be able to carry out the mission – a concept known as “cyber resiliency.” MSi’s lead researchers began studying this problem while working at the University of Virginia and developed early prototypes for autonomous air vehicles. In 2014 a team of successful entrepreneurs with proven track records for taking novel ideas and creating successful commercial products, partnered with the researchers and launched Mission Secure.


Since that time, we’ve commercialized our technology into the patented* MSi Platform to address the unique cyber security challenges of the oil and gas, power, and defense industries. Our patented* MSi Platform mitigates cyber attacks throughout your operations and gives you total visibility and protection, as well as unique corrective capabilities to maintain safe and reliable operations.


Ready to learn more?

Today we are working with some of the world’s largest organizations, including oil and gas companies, utilities, transportation organizations, and branches of the U.S. military.  Let us show you how our innovative hardware/software solutions detect cyber attacks and stop them in real-time to ensure safe and reliable operations.


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