David Drescher

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Board Member

A seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, David has a strong background in information technology, energy, finance and security/risk management. He has proven success in developing innovative and transformative ideas and driving strategic plans that turn “big visions” into value-added solutions.

As CEO and Co-Founder of MSi, David is responsible for strategic planning and overall execution, providing guidance and direction for all aspects of the company’s operations from product development, sales and marketing, to investor and board relations. 

David is an active investor and serves as Managing Director of The Ballast Fund; an investment firm focused on early stage, high tech and clean energy start-ups. In this role, he leads the group’s investment review activities and also provides business and financial expertise to the companies in the Fund’s portfolio. 

Previously, David was Founder and CEO for Roam Secure, a leading provider of text alerting systems to government and industry. Roam Secure was created to help address emergency response communications and mass notification issues discovered in the wake of 9/11. Cooper Industries purchased Roam Secure in 2007. A global Fortune 500 company, Cooper is now part of the Eaton Corporation. Following the acquisition by Cooper, David served as General Manager of Roam Secure where he managed the integration into the parent company and expanded the business domestically and internationally. 

David is a certified public accountant and attended The London School of Economics and Political Science.