Rick Tiene

VP, Smart Cities

Rick Tiene serves as Vice President, Smart Cities for Mission Secure, Inc. Rick joined Mission Secure after helping to build Alertus Inc., the most trusted in-building alert system for campuses, military bases, government facilities and the corporate sector.  
Prior to joining Alertus, Rick was Co-Founder and Investor of Roam Secure and the Roam Secure Alert Network, an emergency communication platform that successfully included large-scale high-speed text messaging to cell phones and other wireless devices, revolutionizing first responder and citizen notification in emergencies. Rick managed the 18-jurisdiction deployment of RSAN throughout the National Capital Region. This deployment stands as the national model for a regional system of systems providing communications interoperability for the most important city in the world. During this time Rick was elected to the board of the Partnership for Public Warning.

Since joining Mission Secure, Rick has quickly been recognized as a leading advocate for the necessity to secure Operational Technology (OT) systems as they become more integrated into IT systems and other intelligent infrastructure that the government and the public are becoming more reliant on. Rick has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and now serves on several important cybersecurity committees.