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Civil Defense 2.0

Written by Mission Secure

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We have been witnesses to the escalation of tension in Eastern Europe for months now. Many were taken by surprise when on 23rd February Russia took military action against Ukraine. But Air and Land based attacks are not the first incursions. A low level cyberwar has been waged for months. Russia has been targeting energy, food and government systems weakening communication, defense and moral. A distracted enemy, is a softer target. With the US and EU harmonizing their response, targeting the Russian economy and leadership, we can expect a cyber orientated response. Through the coming months, Mission Secure will provide actionable threat intelligence not just to our existing customers and partners, but the community at large. As Chris Inglis, National Cyber Director states – “we need to be come a harder target”. He is correct, because we are at the start of a target campaign, that intelligence sources suggest will target our nations critical infrastructure, businesses and social compact.


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