Cybersecurity Operational Technology Visibility is 20/20 Vision for Your Enterprise Network

Author: Paul D. Robertson, Director, Cyber Security

Mission Secure’s Operational Technology (OT) protection products provide more than just security protections.  The methods used to ensure correct operation include functional monitoring.  Along with forensic event traceability, this allows us to provide process, equipment and operational analytics beyond the typical views in to a process provided by Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) or data historians.  This provides information on process efficiencies, equipment maintenance or degradation issues, and much more.

Besides gathering data, we have two broad types of analysis available to us:  Vertical and Horizontal.

Vertical analysis allows us to provide deep insight into a single sensor, actuator, controller, process or system.  Process elements, such as temperatures, pressures, flow rates and even electrical characteristics of equipment allow your engineering teams deep insight into specific process elements.  Unlike our competitors, our product suite allows the capture and analysis of not just network and system data, but lower-level signaling information, reference, out of band and specific conformational data in critical process elements.  A single MSi Sentinel or MSi 1 device automatically collects and stores this I formation whilst performing its protective functions.

Horizontal analysis allows the data from multiple devices to be combined, contrasted and analyzed. The MSi Console ties this data together, and provides insight across multiple devices, locations, subprocesses and processes.  This allows you to get an operational “big picture” from the lowest to highest levels.

It doesn’t matter to the bottom line if a process interruption is due to a malicious actor, operator error or a failing component.  The cost, time to identify, time to fix and ideally, the early detection of, or protection from an issue are all factors in the impact to the operation and bottom line. If your operational visibility is limited, you won’t have the luxury of bringing deep analysis, machine learning or pre-emptive maintenance to your enterprise.  

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