IT & OT Cybersecurity for the Maritime Industry

Whether goods and products or LNG and crude oil, the maritime industry is a critical backbone in our global economy. Protecting these key operations from cyber threats poses unique challenges with operation centers and fleets of numerous classes and vintages spread across the world, increasingly digitalized operations and a complex environment merging IT with industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) to function.

Why Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity for maritime and offshore companies?

Common IT cybersecurity measures alone fail to protect vessels from cyber threats and bad actors. Traditional cybersecurity measures leave the fundamental OT network exposed and vulnerable, failing to deliver the visibility and protection required for these cyber-physical processes underlying the maritime industry.

Common OT Cyber Vulnerabilities

  • Lack of visibility into the OT network and operations on each vessel or platform
  • Minimal to non-existent on-vessel cybersecurity protections and incident recovery measures
  • Inadequate understanding of cyber vulnerability and risk exposure
  • Unknown level of remote access by numerous third-party vendors and contractors
  • Unmonitored and unmanaged inbound and outbound traffic within OT network
  • Misconfigured, outdated, legacy and second-hand devices

The patented* MSi Platform—comprised of the MSi Console, MSi IDS, MSi 1, and MSi Sentinel—takes vessel, operation center and control system security to an unparalleled level. Built for, tested and deployed in harsh industrial environments, the MSi Platform delivers:

✔ Unmatched OT network visibility and protection
✔ Defense for PLCs, SCADA, safety instrumented systems and other control systems
✔ Military-strength design with industrial-grade resilience
✔ Simple to use, scalable unified platform
✔ No adverse impact to operations
100+ other features

With IMO cybersecurity regulations on the horizon, the SOFTimpact and Mission Secure partnership enables ship owners and operators to gain combined IT and OT expertise to mitigate cyber risks and maintain high levels of safety. In our work with maritime and energy shipping giants, naval defense and partnerships with industry organizations like SOFTimpact, understanding your cyber risks and vulnerabilities is generally the first step. To gain a comprehensive assessment of your OT network cyber vulnerabilities, leverage our industry-designed multifaceted risk assessment.

Ready to deploy a purpose-built OT cybersecurity solution that can detect and stop cyber attacks before they impact your operations? Learn how MSi and our partners can help you today.

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