Some of the most complex and intricate processes in the industrial world occur in chemical plants. Each process supports the production and integrity of chemical formulas produced to exact specifications. Materials are mixed, separated, heated, cooled or a put through a multitude of the other procedures to create a premium product.

In the process, if a formula is off or a procedure does not go according to these precise plans, the end product is worthless resulting in loss of revenues and possible business disruptions. Worse, errors in these processes can potentially have significant safety and environmental impacts.

Much like power plants and nuclear facilities, the physical assets and control systems in chemical plants are increasingly automated and connected. Automation, visibility and connectivity through systems like SCADA, HMI, and PLCs create enormous efficiencies for chemical plant operators. Unfortunately, in the new day of cyber physical attacks, these systems also create vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

MSi’s Secure Sentinel Platform protects assets and control systems in chemical plants and other industrial facilities from cyber physical threats. Our product is “System & Process Aware” and offers five points of protection. It monitors, detects, informs, corrects and collects to shield physical assets, maintain control system integrity, and secure operator view.

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Industrial Control Systems represent the pinnacle of cyber targets, the highest value for both the attacker and the asset owner.

SOURCE: ICS-Cert Monitor (March/April 2016)