Little of what happens in military operations occurs outside the scope of control systems and related assets. Functions and processes aboard U.S. Navy ships, fighter planes, UAVs and military vehicles, all rely upon the integrity of highly complex and sophisticated control systems. These controls systems are increasingly networked and connected, leaving them vulnerable to potential cyber threats.

Military leaders are recognizing this expanding cyber threat landscape. The risks for  “cyber-physical systems” in every complex weapon, its host platforms, as well as much of the supply chain that supports defense operations globally are on the rise. This includes mission-critical dependencies on commercial fuel and transportation infrastructure and logistical operations.

MSi has been at the forefront of this issue since 2010. Our innovative risk assessment methods and hardware/software cyber defense solution were initially developed to help protect critical defense assets, as well as their important payloads, from potential cyber threats.

The patented* MSi Platform goes beyond typical IT-based “defense-in-depth” measures. It closes gaps and protects physical assets and control systems against cyber-physical threats, supply chain interdictions and trusted insider attacks.

Ready to deploy a purpose-built OT cybersecurity solution that can detect and stop cyber attacks before they impact your operations? Learn how MSi can help you today.

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“Cyber and cybersecurity and our operations within the current spectrum are at risk continually.”

SOURCE: Rear Adm. Mark Darrah, program executive officer for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons at the Naval Air Systems Command
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