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Whether your company is trying to assess cyber risks to its assets and company related to the Operational Technology (OT) / production control environment and map out the appropriate path to better protection, or you are looking to deploy advanced protection that can detect and stop cyber attacks before impact, MSi is helping oil and gas companies from super major to private equity owned.

Why Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Companies?

Traditional IT cyber security products have historically failed to ensure the safety and reliability of OT in the event of cyber disruptions. More specifically, IT products fail to offer the visibility and protection needed for physical assets and control systems in the Oil & Gas industry.


Sample Cyber Risks: Upstream 

  • Legacy satellite/radio communications with SCADA systems

  • Open protocols used in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

  • Automated emergency shutdown systems are often on the same network as PLCs


Sample Cyber Risks: Midstream 

  • Economic loss and environmental damage due to flow disruptions and false readings

  • Compromised flow meters and sensors at remote, unmanned compressor stations

  • Flat Operational Technology (OT) networks may allow attackers to traverse through the OT 


Sample Cyber Risks: Downstream 

  • Unauthorized remote engineering access to compressor or burner management systems

  • Unauthorized shutdown instructions to refinery control and safety systems

  • Manipulation to storage and transfer systems by rogue or malicious employees and vendors


The patented* MSi Platform — comprised of the MSi Console, MSi IDS, MSi 1, and MSi Sentinel — takes plant, facility, SCADA and control system security to an unparalleled level. The MSi Patform is built for and tested in harsh industrial environments.

✔ Minus 20 to +85 Celsius operating temperature range

✔ Conformal coated

✔ Mechanical Fail Safe capabilities

✔ Passive "monitor only" and active "blocking" modes

✔ No adverse impact to operations

✔ 100+ other features, learn more

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Will your safety system protect your oil and gas operations in a cyber attack?