The power industry is a complex and highly connected industry vital to ensuring business continuity, the protection of social norms, and the comfort and wellness of people and communities around the world.

All of this connectivity leaves power generation facilities and transmission and distribution infrastructure particularly vulnerable to evolving cyber physical attacks. This became increasingly clear in late 2015 when cyber attackers gained access to several power grid control systems in the Ukraine, leaving approximately 250,000 customers in the dark just days before Christmas.

In the Ukraine incident, power grid operators could only watch as the attackers took over their controls and began to shut down breakers. Of added concern — the attackers appeared to monitor mitigation efforts and demonstrated their ability to impact other areas of the supply chain while cyber attack responders addressed the initial incident.

MSi’s innovative approach and patented* software/ hardware platform help power organizations stay ahead of the evolving cyber physical threat curve. Our breakthrough Secure Sentinel Platform delivers a reliable means of assuring integrity within the operator’s specific system AND the ability to take corrective action — preventing potentially catastrophic consequences.

Learn more about our patented* platform on our Solutions page or contact us to request a product demonstration! Let us show you how our unique products and solutions can help guard your operations from supply chain interdictions, trusted insider attacks, and other cyber physical threats.

Cyber attacks against SCADA systems doubled in 2014 to more than 160,000. 

SOURCE: Dell’s 2015 Annual Security Report

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