MSi's oil and gas cybersecurity program is designed to meet the demands of securing today's energy operations. Our experience spans across upstream, midstream and downstream onshore and offshore operations and is dedicated to helping energy companies improve their security posture. MSi Platform is designed to meet stringent requirements for safety, cybersecurity, risk reduction and continuous operation in the oil and gas, refining, petrochemicals, power and other high-hazard industries.

Cyber security is critical to the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry.


The newer open source control systems were not designed to protect against cyber-attacks and are inadequate and pose specific challenges for onshore and offshore oil and gas. Mission Secure understands these challenges and can help secure these physical assets and digital oil fields connected to cloud platforms running big data analytics with remote access. We can rapidly bring legacy hardware and control systems into the era of IIoT -  industrial internet of things. 

The patented* MSi Platform — comprised of the MSi Console, MSi IDS, MSi 1, and MSi Sentinel — and takes your industrial control system to an unparalleled level. The MSi Platform is built for and tested in harsh industrial environments and includes:

✔ Minus 20 to +85 Celsius operating temperature range

✔ Conformal coated

✔ Mechanical Fail Safe capabilities

✔ Passive "monitor only" and active "blocking" modes

✔ No adverse impact to operations

Located in Houston, TX, our team is centrally located to support your oil and gas and petrochemical operations.  

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