Port Cybersecurity: IMO 2021 OVERVIEW

What does cyber security for port operations look like?

Port cyber security is essential to ensuring the safe and secured operation of ships at sea and onshore

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted Resolution MSC.428(98) aimed to address cyber risks in the shipping industry. The IMO resolution effectively addresses cyber risks as a part of safety management systems within the ISM Code. Under Resolution MSC.428(98), administrators are to ensure their existing safety management systems appropriately address cyber risks and cyber security for ships by their 2021 annual verification.

Importantly, port operations play an equally critical role in the maritime industry. At ports, vessels load and unload cargo, fuel, and more. As such, ports can also be a potential cyber threat vector for vessels and broader shipping operations.

While Resolution MSC.428(98) does not encompass cyber security for port operations, it is pertinent that port facilities undertake appropriate cybersecurity measures as well. Cyber security for ports protects both port operations as well as clients coming to and relying on the safe and secured operation of port facilities.

This regulatory overview summarizes key parts of the IMO 2021 cyber security measures, complete with cross-references to ISO/IEC 27001 and the Guidelines on Cyber Security on Board Ships. It also provides port operators with information and a framework as they look to address cyber security for ports.

In today's digital age, port cybersecurity should be a top priority for any operation.

Port Cybersecurity: IMO 2021 Cyber Risk Management Overview