Protect Your Manufacturing Industrial Control Systems

Internal and external security threats can lead to revenue loss and operational disruptions — keep your facility up and running with Mission Secure.

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The biggest disrupter of lost production in the manufacturing industry is downtime.


Of productivity can be lost due to downtime


Average number of hours of downtime per year


Average loss per minute of downtime in auto manufacturing

automotive assembly line

Improve your security profile and manage cyber operational risks.

Mission Secure maintains real-time visibility and protection to make sure every machine and every device on your network is locked down against cyber threats. 

Guard your facility against revenue loss by limiting production distractions and better protecting your ICS network.

Manufacturing markets we serve:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • Other Critical Manufacturing Sectors

Features of the Mission Secure Platform.

Monitoring your equipment and maintaining your network to keep your operations up and running.

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Equipment monitoring

Real-time monitoring to verify equipment is running to specification.

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Network segmentation

Implement a zero trust defense to protect your critical infrastructure using network zone segmentation.

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Access control

Control of any third party accessing your network and limit specific access according to need and use.

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CISA & NIST compliance

Assess your current compliance with key components of the regulatory frameworks and address gaps to protect your facilities.

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Successfully produce compliance to key manufacturing regulations.

Along with protecting against OT cybersecurity threats, our industry experts help manufacturing clients address regulatory compliance — including the CISA and NIST requirements. Successfully navigate through compliance regulations with Mission Secure. 

Compliance regulations we support:

  • CISA
  • NIST
  • ISA/IEC 62443
  • ISO/IEC 27001

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Manufacturing OT Cyber Readiness Review

Signal-Integrity monitoring of key production assets.

Maintain productivity and ensure no internal or external malicious actor tampers with production assets without detection.

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True visibility and ongoing protection of your manufacturing facility.

Employee error can cause downtime as easily as a cyber-attack. With Mission Secure, you have real-time oversight to catch errors and monitor access to maintain business continuity.

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Identify all connected devices and communications on your OT network.

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Segment your OT environment without re-architecting the network.

icon systems protection


Prevent, alert on, and investigate unauthorized traffic in your OT environment.

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Monitor and validate physical process signals to prevent system damage. 

Gain clear OT network visibility.

This North American-based Pulp and Paper Mill partnered with Mission Secure for a cybersecurity assessment to understand the full extent of their security vulnerabilities.

Doing so helped them to build a security program tailored to their OT environment, minimizing network downtime and improving cybersecurity protection of their critical production facilities.


Serious risks to our operational uptime cannot go unaddressed – whether physical, safety or cyber risks. Working with Mission Secure to maintain visibility and protection of our plant control system network gives us greater confidence in the resilience of our operational systems.”
Manufacturing, Senior Director of IT

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