Military Strength, Industrial-Grade Protection for
Oil & Gas OT Networks

Purpose-built OT cybersecurity solutions to lock down your assets and your operations.

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The impact of digitization on oil & gas


Oil & Gas companies believe they would detect a cyber attack


Say their cybersecurity does not meet the organization's needs


Say it would be difficult to meet today’s requirements

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Infrastructure built to support and maintain regulatory compliance.

At Mission Secure, we help you assess performance versus common frameworks and fulfill key regulatory compliance requirements.

Compliance regulations we support:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISA/IEC 62443
  • NIST
  • IMO Resolution MSC.428(98)
  • CISA

Features of the Mission Secure Platform.

Military strength, industrial-grade protection to help you maintain operability, even under the threat of a cyber-attack.

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Cybersecurity for OT and ICS networks

Stopping the cyber attack BEFORE it happens. No downtime. No surprises.

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Maintain on-going regulatory compliance

As new regulatory challenges evolve, Mission Secure addresses key best practices called out in standards frameworks like ISO, IEC, NIST and others.

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Third-party access controls

Manage and enforce specific area access for third-party vendors to minimize risk.

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Layered protection for legacy and newly developed systems

At Mission Secure, we’ve developed a platform and service with the capability to protect vulnerable  networks and systems.

And with our Signal-Integrity Sensor, monitor key operational assets and processes to detect tampering and prevent possible equipment damage and unplanned disruption.

Operational safety is the foundation upon which we provide services to our customers. We believe that prioritizing safety is good business, and, through the implementation of first-class systems, controls, policies and practices, we make every effort to create and maintain a culture that puts safety first.”
Oil & Gas, VP of Operations

An American cybersecurity company with wide ranging oil & gas experience.

Our experience includes protecting industrial control systems in upstream, midstream, downstream, and even maritime operations.

We have real-world experience with advanced levels of protection and can secure your OT and ICS networks from internal and external cybersecurity threats.

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Identify all connected devices and communications on your OT network.

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Segment your OT environment without rearchitecting the network.

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Prevent, alert on, and investigate unauthorized traffic in your OT environment.

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Monitor and validate physical process signals to prevent system damage.

Increase Security and Decrease Premiums with Mission Secure.

Working with Mission Secure allowed this Oil and Gas midstream operator to successfully negotiate cybersecurity insurance premium savings of approximately $50,000 per location per year.


As a company, we remain steadfastly focused on the use of technology to ensure operations remain safe and environmentally compliant, and that includes the cyber security of our operational control systems. Our work with Mission Secure is part of an on-going effort to maintain operational safety and resilience, including the reduction of cyber security risks.”
Oil & Gas, EVP of Operations

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