Control System
Cyber Security


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Upstream, midstream, downstream industrial and safety systems


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Power generation, transmission and distribution


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Control systems in chemical refining, manufacturing and distribution


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Shipboard control systems, UAVs, critical infrastructure, and platform IT

We help customers effectively navigate the cyber physical threat landscape. The patented MSi Platform helps shield operations against emerging and evolving cyber attacks.

MSi’s unique approach goes beyond traditional IT solutions to help ensure the safety and reliability of your operations against cyber adversaries, supply chain interdictions, and trusted insider attacks.

The patented* “MSi Platform” provides both visibility AND protection in a single, unified platform - closing the gaps and shielding your operations from cyber disruptions. A comprehensive hardware-software solution, it protects at the asset level while it passively monitors your control system — from the level 0 physical devices to level 1 controllers and the operator’s screen at level 2.

MSi CEO to speak at the Blue Bear Capital CEO Summit

October 25, 2018 Houston, TX

David Drescher, CEO of MSi, will present to a select group of portfolio CEOs, Advisors, and industry leaders in the energy market. 

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13TH Annual API Cybersecurity Conference For Oil and Gas

November 06, 2018 The Woodlands, TX

Cybersecurity is critical to the infrastructure of the oil and natural gas industry. The energy industry, including oil and natural gas, is ranked 2nd highest of all industries most likely to suffer a cyber attack. 

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MSi CEO to present at the Venture Houston Conference

November 08, 2018 Houston, TX

David Drescher, CEO of MSi, will present at the 2018 Venture Houston Conference. 

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