Zero Trust Security, Built for OT

Other IT cybersecurity solutions only provide passive visibility and alerts — Mission Secure is different.

Mission Secure Platform

Visibility and control from signal to cloud.

Mission Secure delivers the only OT cybersecurity platform that enables complete control over your environment, including visibility, anomaly and threat detection, policy enforcement, and Level 0 signal validation.

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Discover and visualize every asset and every network connection in your OT environment.


Threat Detection

Identify unexpected or unauthorized activity, from Level 0 signals to cloud connections.


Policy Enforcement

Segment your network and enforce granular policies for true Zero Trust cybersecurity.


Signal Validation

Monitor physical process signals to detect threats and prevent system damage.

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Managed Services

24/7 remote OT monitoring, protection, and incident response.

Improve your ability to withstand OT cyber threats with a named security engineer and certified team. Have the support you need at every turn.

  • Managed OT network visibility
  • Managed protection
  • Ongoing OT network analysis
  • Incident response, investigation & support

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At Mission Secure, we set the standard in protecting and safeguarding OT networks and operations.

We’ve developed the first integrated OT cyber-protection platform, patented signal-integrity monitoring that cyber-attacks cannot circumvent, and a turnkey 24/7 managed services team.

By putting a security appliance between different pieces of the network and breaking it up into smaller pieces, or segments, an attacker would have to defeat all the different segments and give the user a better chance to detect exploits and ward off an attack.”
George Robertson, Cyber Security Advisor, Chevron
OT Cyber risk Assessments

Comprehensive OT network cyber risk assessment and full security framework review.

Proprietary technology-based assessment to find OT network cybersecurity weaknesses and develop a plan to address gaps.

  • Full security framework review
  • Comprehensive OT network walkdown and review
  • Extended network monitoring and penetration testing
  • Findings report with security recommendations

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What's at Stake

As IT and OT systems converge, organizations are left exposed.

This convergence leaves operations and OT networks vulnerable to new cyber threats and risks that cannot be overcome with traditional IT security solutions — leaving organizations to face:

  • New operational risks: Increasing potential for unplanned downtime and lost production
  • Cyber process hazards: Increasing risks to safety, systems, and reputation
  • Human errors, insider threats, and targeted attacks: Increasing the likelihood of a costly cyber incident

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Protect your OT network.

Stop cyber threats head-on and safeguard your operations with military strength, industrial-grade protection 24/7.

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