Deep visibility is the foundation for the entire Mission Secure Platform, giving you a reliable vantage point to maintain control and protection over your OT network at all times.

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Visibility enablement to lock down your OT environment.

Visibility is only a means to an end. For our clients, that end is minimizing operational risks by stopping OT cyber threats.

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Inventory and map connected assets and communications

See and understand what’s on your OT network and what specific communications are taking place.

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Data and tools for complete OT network control

Gain the insights you need to ensure your OT network is protected against cyber threats.

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Proactive monitoring of communications and protocols

Restrict all communications except what is absolutely necessary and authorized.

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A solid foundation for cybersecurity protection

Leverage unmatched visibility — the first step to complete OT network control.

Protection starts with knowing what assets lie within the OT network.

Visibility alone is not good enough, our insights enable you to take action and protect your critical operations from cyber threats.

  • 50%
    More than 50% perceive the level of OT/ICS cyber risk to their company’s overall risk profile as either severe/critical or high.
  • 36%
    But only 36% of them claim to have a comprehensive overview of the elements in their control systems.
  • #1
    Fortunately, increased visibility into control system cyber assets is the top budgeting initiative for OT organizations.
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How we work

OT solutions backed by industry experts so you can trust your operations are properly regulated and locked down against cybersecurity threats.

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    See how Mission Secure can help assess, protect, and manage your OT security.

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    Work with Mission Secure to assess your security state and get recommendations for improvement.

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    Put Mission Secure to work in your operations and achieve peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Protect your OT network.

Stop cyber threats head-on and safeguard your operations with military strength, industrial-grade protection 24/7.

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The Mission Secure Platform gave us extensive visibility into what was on our traffic signal system network. We were able to take action on some of the key findings to reduce the risk of malicious traffic compromising the systems in our roadside cabinets.”
Chief Traffic Management Engineer