Signal Integrity Monitoring

Protect your critical devices and processes — and prevent disruption at the lowest levels of your OT network.

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Tamper-proof, “last line of defense” cybersecurity for the most critical assets in your operation.

Patented cyber protection to prevent operational, property, and equipment damage when all other cybersecurity measures fail.

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Assurance that your process is running the way it’s reading.

Eliminate the possibility your operational data is wrong, or worse yet, spoofed. Restore operator confidence and trust with Mission Secure.

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Third-party validation that your controllers are relaying accurate information.

The days of manually checking sensor and process readings are gone. Mission Secure monitors and validates process readings to remove all doubt.

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Create micro-security zones around critical processes.

Virtually segment individual processes and implement a zero-trust security model where it matters most in your operations.

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True OT security for your OT network.

Directly monitor raw electrical OT asset signals from critical processes with our military strength, industrial-grade security platform.

Signal-Integrity means never second-guessing your OT environment again.

Validate your physical processes — lowering risks and insurance premiums, and protecting against loss and threats.

  • 97%
    Of OT organizations acknowledge cybersecurity challenges because of the convergence of IT and OT in their business.
  • 100%
    Of these OT organizations rely on the continuity of their operations to drive their business growth and success.
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How we work

OT solutions backed by industry experts so you can trust your operations are properly regulated and locked down against cybersecurity threats.

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    See how Mission Secure can help assess, protect, and manage your OT security.

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    Work with Mission Secure to assess your security state and get recommendations for improvement.

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    Put Mission Secure to work in your operations and achieve peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Protect your OT network.

Stop cyber threats head-on and safeguard your operations with military strength, industrial-grade protection 24/7.

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Mission Secure helped us conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment and improve the security of our new bulk power system facility, which is critical to our mission to provide safe and sustainable energy solutions to our customers and communities.”
Power, VP and Chief Information Officer