Benchmark your OT Network Security with an OT Cyber Risk Assessment from Mission Secure.

Get a clear understanding of your OT network cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses and develop a go-forward plan.

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Mission Secure’s proprietary technology-based OT cyber risk assessments benchmark your OT cybersecurity; baseline your OT network design, assets, and communications; test your cybersecurity penetration resilience; and deliver detailed findings and recommendations to help improve your OT security posture.

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Find out where you stand relative to best practice cybersecurity frameworks.



Document the current state of your OT network and cybersecurity with a technology-based network analysis.



Put your current OT network cybersecurity to the test with passive penetration testing.

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Get a full report with actionable security recommendations to help plan your improvements.

OT Cyber Risk Assessment Offerings

Complimentary OT Cyber Readiness Review

  • Summary Framework Review (NIST, CISA, IEC, ISO, IMO, etc.)
  • Framework Scoring
  • Findings Readout
  • High-Impact Recommendations


Technology-Based Remote Assessment

  • Full Framework Review (NIST, CISA, IEC, ISO, IMO, etc.)
  • Framework Scoring
  • Network and P&ID Design Reviews
  • 3-Month Technology-Based Network Analysis
  • 24/7 Monitoring, Not Point-in-Time Snapshots
  • Remote Pen Testing
  • Findings Report
  • Secure Design Recommendations

Technology-Based On-Site Assessment

  •  Full Framework Review (NIST, CISA, IEC, ISO, IMO, etc.)
  • Framework Scoring
  • On-site Network Walkdown
  • Manual Network Diagram Creation
  • 3-Month Technology-Based Network Analysis
  • 24/7 Monitoring, Not Point-in-Time Snapshots
  • On-Site Pen Testing
  • Findings Report
  • Secure Design Recommendations

Benchmark OT Cybersecurity Against Key Frameworks

Work with Mission Secure to score your current security practices and controls against the leading industry standards.

  • Compare to NIST, CISA, IEC, ISO, IMO, BIMCO, and other frameworks.
  • Learn where you stand relative to best practice cybersecurity standards.
  • Understand current gaps and how you score relative to peers.
  • Work with our team to resolve identified issues and security gaps.

Baseline Current OT Network and Cybersecurity State

Our technology-based OT network analysis evaluates 3-months of network data to analyze and document the current state of your OT network and security.

  • Take a more thorough look at the network compared to open source platforms.
  • Glean more data and insights from a technology-based analysis over-time than a short point-in-time scan or PCAP analysis.
  • Conduct physical network walkdowns and P&ID diagram reviews to ensure nothing is missed in verifying the network baseline.

Penetration Testing to Find Possible Security Gaps

Sophisticated, yet passive penetration testing to put your current OT network and cybersecurity processes and controls to the test.

  • Passive penetration testing to identify OT security vulnerabilities and weaknesses that an attacker might exploit.
  • See how unauthorized parties might try to gain access to the control system network.
  • Use results to prioritize network security remediation and improvement efforts.

Develop a Plan Based on Assessment Findings and Recommendations

Upon completion of your OT assessment, we’ll present a full assessment report with our findings and will include actionable security recommendations.

  • Recommendations will include a proposed secure design for consideration.
  • Use the findings and recommendations to guide your cybersecurity improvement efforts and develop a roadmap for future upgrades.
  • Partner with Mission Secure to perform future reassessments to establish new baselines.


Take time to assess; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go. The lack of a proper assessment too often keeps customers from taking action. And cybersecurity improvement requires action. With Mission Secure OT Cyber Risk Assessments, we give customers the knowledge and guidance they need to confidently take action.”
Don Ward, SVP Global Services, Mission Secure

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Our organization’s success depends on delivering innovative chemical solutions to our customers while ensuring the safety of our workers and maintaining maximum uptime and security of our operations. Mission Secure helped us evaluate and document the cybersecurity status of several newly acquired chemical plants and plan a roadmap of future security improvements."
ICS Cybersecurity Engineer