Protect Your OT Networks From Cybersecurity Threats with the Mission Secure Platform.

The first integrated cyber-protection platform for complete visibility, segmentation, protection, and patented signal-integrity monitoring.

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Identify all connected devices and communications on your OT network.

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Segment your OT environment without re-architecting the network.

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Prevent, alert on, and investigate unauthorized traffic in your OT environment.

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Monitor and validate physical process signals to prevent system damage.

How much risk can you afford?

What does a day of downtime and lost production cost you? Isn’t it time to stop cyber threats and minimize operational risks?

See how the Mission Secure Platform is different.

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Mission Secure Platform

Purdue Model Deployment Example

The Mission Secure Platform easily deploys in a wide range of operational technology (OT)/ industrial control system (ICS) network environments, providing control system visibility, segmentation, and protection at Purdue Model Levels 0, 1, 2 and 3 with a combination of Console Appliances and Sentinels and local management using the Mission Secure Console.

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Full visibility means you see every device connected to your OT network and can monitor all traffic. Visibility with a purpose — protection.

  • Inventory and manage all OT connected assets
  • Monitor OT communications and protocols
  • Map your OT environment (both devices and communications)
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Logically segment your OT environment without re-architecting the network, reducing the risk of any material operational cyber event.

  • Create security zones throughout the OT network
  • Fine-grained controls to lock down unauthorized communications
  • Manage or restrict third-party vendor access
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icon systems protection


Stop cyber threats, reduce the risk of downtime, and minimize alerts by immediately preventing unauthorized activity, keeping your OT environment safe at all times.

  • Protect SCADA, controllers, PLCs, safety systems, and other OT/IoT devices
  • Monitor OT traffic, restrict unauthorized access, and block unknown activity
  • Manage all external communication and prevent unwanted traffic
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icon signal integrity sensor


Patented monitoring of critical Level 0 assets to detect threats before property, plant, or equipment damage can occur.

  • Micro-segment key Level 0 assets and processes creating zero trust zones
  • Tamper-proof, third-party monitoring of critical physical process electrical signals
  • Validate signal integrity from process to controller to HMI
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How we work

OT solutions backed by industry experts so you can trust your operations are properly regulated and locked down against cybersecurity threats.

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    See how Mission Secure can help assess, protect, and manage your OT security.

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    Work with Mission Secure to assess your security state and design a new security plan.

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    Put Mission Secure to work in your operations and achieve peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Protect your OT network.

Stop cyber threats head-on and safeguard your operations with military strength, industrial-grade protection 24/7.

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We endorse the Mission Secure Platform as a solution any organization with control systems should strongly consider deploying to provide enhanced cyber security and protection of their control systems. We appreciate companies that take cyber security of their products seriously and open them up to this level of intense testing.”
Brett Scott, Director of Arizona Cyber Warfare Range