A Cyber-physical Challenge Requiring a Purpose-built Solution

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is ever-evolving. But with unprecedented connectedness comes new and unpredictable vulnerabilities.

To meet these risks head-on, a cybersecurity solution that delivers real visibility and protection across these cyber-physical systems is required. Yet, the current industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity market only offers IT-founded solutions including IDS visibility via network monitoring or basic-featured, disconnected industrial firewalls. Neither options cover the field devices controlling actual cyber-physical processes (Level 0). And neither offers a secure, network-integrated, all-in-one platform that is easy to deploy, configure and manage from a central console.

As a result, control engineers, IT managers and defense program managers continue to struggle with the challenges that spurned the ICS cybersecurity market in the first place—how to protect these critical industrial processes. Without a solution that provides visibility and protection for these processes, organizations are left to do the best they can often creating complex webs of disparate systems from various vendors, installing overpriced software and hardware, and left with managing, maintaining and monitoring a complex ecosystem aimed to secure the core of their operations.

One Platform—Superior Visibility and Protection

Unique in an emerging market, the patented Mission Secure Platform 4.0 is a software-hardware ICS cybersecurity solution purpose-built for the operational technology (OT) environment. With the Mission Secure Platform, companies gain comprehensive network visibility, asset discovery, network mapping, segmentation and controller protection, plus Level 0 visibility and protection on a single platform. On-premise or hosted in the Mission Secure cloud, with 24/7/365 monitoring, the Mission Secure Platform 4.0 makes OT cybersecurity simple, even for the non-IT professional.

The ICS Cybersecurity Solution

The patented* Mission Secure Platform—comprised of the MSi Console, MSi IDS, MSi 1 and MSi Sentinel—takes plant, ship, production platform and control system security to an unparalleled level with six points of action and awareness.


Restrict unauthorized access and block malware and ransomware from reaching important controllers and Level 1 devices.


Continuously monitor network IP levels, alongside digital and analog signals with our secure, multi-layered system.


Get real-time analysis and automated incident detection.


Keep trusted operators and cybersecurity professionals informed through dedicated communications systems.


Gather system data from digital and analog sensors and actuators, controllers and the OT network for real-time analysis and post-attack forensic purposes.


Carry out optional automated or operator-guided responses, control system restorations to enable safe operating states and continued production.

 The Mission Secure Platform | Purpose-built ICS Cybersecurity Solution

The only control system cybersecurity solution providing visibility and protection in the operational technology (OT) environment down to Level 0 devices. Operates with any control system hardware manufacturer or device across multiple industries.

Level 0 Protection

  • Passively and continuously monitor processes, controllers and OT network traffic from Levels 0 to 2
  • Protect PLCs, SCADA, safety instrumented systems and other control systems in industrial processes
  • Safeguard Level 0 and 1 by validating operational processes at digital and analog signals, controllers and HMI
  • Visualize and manage security appliances from one unified console

Military-Strength Design

  • Highly recommended by the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range month-long cyber evaluation of the patented* Mission Secure Platform for control system cyber defense
  • Several successful, additional independent third-party penetration tests
  • Rigorously apply the U.S. Department of Defense’s Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guide
  • Designed for protecting industrial controls as well as weapons systems and platforms from cyber attacks

Industrial-Grade Resilience

  • Built for, tested and deployed in harsh, industrial environments on both land and sea
  • Supports multiple OT protocols (e.g. ModBus, OPC, CIP, UDP), Serial and Ethernet
  • Withstands operating temperatures ranging -20°C to +85°C
  • DIN rail mountable with 24V DC and AC power and gigabit-speeds
  • Fail-safe and conformal coating

Seamless Integration and Usage

  • Deploy and manage by non-IT and IT professionals alike
  • Easy to use combining visibility, machine learning, "plug-and-play" security and protection
  • Economical and scalable offering world-class capabilities, all in a single platform
Nearly 90% of industrial organizations have experienced a breach in their control systems

“We endorse the MSi Platform as a solution any organization with control systems should strongly consider deploying to provide enhanced cyber security and protection of their control systems. We appreciate companies that take the cybersecurity of their products seriously and open them up to this level of intense testing.”

Brett Scott
Director, Arizona Cyber Warfare Range

Patented* Mission Secure Platform Four Main Components

MSi Console

MSi Console

For Management | Centralized management, monitoring and protection of control systems

  • Unified visibility across network monitoring and endpoint protections from Level 0 to 2
  • Performs cross-platform analysis and detections using information collected from Mission Secure security appliances
  • Centrally manage configurations and settings for Mission Secure security appliances
  • Centrally manage software and firmware updates to Mission Secure security appliances deployed in the field
  • Investigate incidents and troubleshoot control system issues
  • Provide optional operator-guided or automated corrective actions
  • Alert operators, engineers and security personnel of incidents
  • Collect and store OT network and endpoint data for trans- and post-attack forensics and improving OT network performance
  • Integrate easily with third-party SIEM/SOC solutions
  • On-premise server-based software installed on VMware™ or fully hosted and managed in the Mission Secure cloud


For Visibility | Continuous, passive OT network monitoring, asset discovery and network mapping

  • Passively monitor OT traffic via SPAN port or serial tap
  • No impact to operations
  • Troubleshoot OT networking issues
  • Deep packet inspection into OT protocols and automated blocking recommendations for Mission Secure security devices
  • Provides real-time event detection
  • Asset discovery and inventory tracking
  • Automated network mapping of the OT network
  • Supports a robust set of OT protocols (e.g. Modbus, CIP, OPC, UDP)
  • Collects OT network data including IP addresses, commands, configuration and state information
  • Improves operations and efficiency by eliminating excess network traffic
  • Enables remote troubleshooting to save “windshield time”
  • Saves organizational resources compared to other network monitoring solutions
  • Optional: 24/7/365 monitoring service provided by Mission Secure experts
MSi 1

MSi 1

For Protection and Correction | Protect Level 1 controllers and endpoint devices from cyber attacks

  • Embedded cybersecurity appliance installs in front of control system device
  • Operates independently, fully networked and integrated with the MSi Console for easy management, configuration and visibility
  • Protects PLCs, Safety instrumented Systems, Controllers and other devices from cyber attacks
  • Segment PCN into zones for IEC 62443 compliance
  • Segments safety instrumented systems for ISA 84 compliance and protects against Triton types of SIS attacks
  • Robust set of OT protocols (Modbus, CIP, OPC, UDP and more)
  • Mechanical fail open or closed capabilities
  • Blocks/restricts access to/from protected devices
  • Prevents unwanted commands from reaching controllers, limit certain commands
  • Blocks malware or ransomware
  • Prevents DDoS attacks
  • Monitors settings of protected devices
  • Adds optional multi factor authentication to access controllers
  • Adds encryption and VPN connections to/from protected devices
  • Remotely restores control devices to a “known good” state
  • Works with any hardware manufacturer or device
  • No adverse impact to operations
  • Minus 20 to +85 degrees Celsius operating temperature range
  • Superior functionality and costs 50% less than basic feature, disconnected industrial firewalls
MSi Secure Sentinel

MSi Secure Sentinel

For Sensing and Correcting | Visibility and protections down to Level 0 field devices

  • On-premise cybersecurity appliance installs between the controller and field instrumented devices
  • Provides true operational state and visibility by reading digital and analog signals, contoller set points/parameters and HMI
  • Vertical analysis to ensure key control system components are aligned, and have not been compromised
  • Compares multiple sensor readings (digital, analog, serial, ethernet) and determines actual system state
  • Detects cyber attacks, human error or mechanical failures that would go otherwise undetected
  • Built and tested to operate in diverse environments
  • Supports DIN rail mount, 32 I/0 per device and operates off of 24V DC
  • Minus 20 to plus 85 degrees Celsius operating temperature range
  • Securely monitors critical system functions
  • Provides automated or guided corrective action capabilities
  • No adverse impacts on system performance
MSi Platform

Military-strength Design, Industrial-grade Resilience

Mission Secure

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