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                Our team of world-class OT, IT, and cybersecurity experts are setting the standard in OT cyber-protection.

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                    Cyber Monitoring and Risk Reduction for Water and Wastewater Systems

                    Purpose-built OT cybersecurity solutions to lock down your assets and your operations

                    Securing vital resources against advanced cyber threats

                    Of all the resources on which civilization depends, a safe and reliable water supply may be the most essential of all.

                    Water and wastewater systems around the world rely on decades-old control networks that were never intended for external connectivity. Digitalization and IT/OT convergence have exposed these networks to rapidly evolving cyber threats from criminal groups and state-sponsored actors. A global leader in OT cybersecurity, Mission Secure offers proven technology and an active approach to keeping our water supply secure and resilient.

                    • Identify and monitor OT assets

                      Detect and identify every asset connected to your OT network, and get real-time alerts on the changes that matter to you.
                    • Segment your network and control access

                      Prevent unauthorized connections, control lateral movement, and implement policies to protect critical assets.
                    • Demonstrate and maintain compliance

                      Mission Secure's OT security experts will help you develop a compliance roadmap and implement a solution tailored to meet your goals.

                    High Consequence Events: Water and Wastewater Systems

                    Given their critical importance to daily life, water and wastewater systems have several adverse scenarios to consider: 

                    • Disruption of the water supply due to control system manipulation or cyber-enabled equipment sabotage
                    • Disrupted operations due to ransomware attacks against IT networks
                    • Contamination of water supply through manipulation of  filtration, disinfection, and monitoring processes
                    • Release of untreated sewage into the environment

                    Common Vulnerabilities: Water and Wastewater Systems

                    Digitalization has changed the way the water industry operates, but increased connectivity often means increased risk. Water and wastewater systems are subject to many common OT cyber vulnerabilities:

                    • Unmanaged connectivity between IT and OT networks
                    • Unmanaged OT-to-cloud connections
                    • Unpatched workstations, HMIs, controllers, or switches in OT network
                    • Lack of authentication, segmentation, and other cybersecurity controls in OT network
                    These vulnerabilities are especially common in water systems compared to other critical infrastructure sectors, due to the greater prevalence of legacy systems and a lack of resources for upgrading or replacing equipment.

                    Proactive cyber defense

                    Mission Secure enables water and wastewater system operators to gain full visibility and control over their OT networks, and take effective action to reduce not only the chance of an intrusion, but the real-world consequences of a cyber attack.

                    water graphic3

                    Layered protection for legacy and newly developed systems

                    Mission Secure is a leader in cybersecurity for operational technology and industrial control systems, helping customers gain visibility and control over their critical assets. 

                    With unmatched threat detection and policy enforcement capabilities, Mission Secure enables effective Zero Trust architectures for customers in oil and gas, power, water, smart cities, and other industries.

                    The Mission Secure Platform

                    Mission Secure delivers the only OT cybersecurity platform that enables complete control over your environment, including visibility, anomaly and threat detection, policy enforcement, and Level 0 signal validation.

                    • Asset and Network Visibility

                      Discover and visualize every asset and every network connection in your OT environment

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                    • Anomaly and Threat Detection

                      Identify unexpected or unauthorized activity, from Level 0 signals to cloud connections

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                    • Policy Enforcement

                      Segment your network and enforce granular policies for true Zero Trust cybersecurity

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                    • Signal Integrity Validation

                      Monitor physical process signals to detect threats and prevent system damage

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                    Protect your OT network

                    Mission Secure delivers the technology and expertise you need to begin your journey toward Zero Trust, and to implement intelligent, resilient cybersecurity in your OT network, while enhancing—not disrupting—reliability and productivity.

                    Get in contact to schedule a consultation with our OT cybersecurity experts today!


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