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                    Pipeline Cybersecurity

                    Reduce your pipeline's cybersecurity attack surface and meet requirements under Security Directive Pipeline-2021-02C

                    Securing pipelines and terminals against advanced cyber threats

                    A trusted leader in oil and gas industry cybersecurity, Mission Secure provides cybersecurity assessments, a complete OT cybersecurity platform, and 24/7 managed services to help operators gain visibility over their assets and implement cybersecurity policies tailored to their unique needs.

                    • Identify and monitor OT assets

                      Detect and identify every asset connected to your OT network, and get real-time alerts on the changes that matter to you.
                    • Segment your network and control access

                      Prevent unauthorized connections, control lateral movement, and implement policies to protect critical assets.
                    • Demonstrate and maintain compliance

                      Mission Secure's OT security experts will help you develop a compliance roadmap and implement a solution tailored to meet your goals.

                    Meet SD02C requirements with Mission Secure

                    In response to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown in 2021, the Transportation Security Administration has issued a directive to make U.S. pipeline operations more secure and resilient against cyber attacks. The most recent revision, Security Directive Pipeline-2021-02C (also known as SD02C), took effect in July 2022 and takes a performance-based approach to cybersecurity. Pipeline owners and operators are expected to meet several categories of security standards, while having a degree of flexibility in choosing strategies and technologies to meet the requirements.

                    Pipeline cybersecurity expertise

                    Mission Secure has deep expertise in the oil and gas industry and has helped many pipeline operators improve their cybersecurity posture and meet pipeline cybersecurity standards. The table below gives a high-level overview of how Mission Secure's OT cybersecurity platform can help you implement each of the measures called for in the requirements.

                    For a detailed look at how we can help you meet your organization's unique needs and goals, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

                    Requirement III.A

                    Identify Critical Cyber Systems

                    Mission Secure detects and identifies every asset connected to the OT network, while the platform's network visualization tools give you a complete view of your assets' activity, health, and security posture. 

                    Requirement III.B

                    Implement network segmentation policies and controls

                    Mission Secure’s platform deploys as an overlay to your existing OT network, and can minimize the damage from a potential attack by implementing network segments to limit east-west and north-south activity. Segments can be configured based on physical location, network zones, or other criteria.

                    Requirement III.C

                    Implement access control measures

                    Mission Secure is the industry leader in OT access controls, enabling fine-grained control over connections and traffic within the OT environment. Access to specific systems can be granted or denied based on a wide range of criteria, including date and time, IP address, firmware versions, and asset vulnerability scores.

                    Requirement III.D

                    Implement continuous monitoring and detection policies and procedures

                    Mission Secure monitors asset behavior and network traffic from signal to cloud, helping you identify and respond to unexpected or unauthorized activity as soon as it occurs. With Mission Secure's OT-specific monitoring and detection capabilities, you can tailor your alerts to fit your environment and your security posture. Detection rules can be configured in seconds and deployed across the entire network or in specific network zones or locations. 

                    Requirement III.E

                    Reduce the risk of exploitation of unpatched systems

                    Mission Secure's asset inventory identifies systems in need of patches and can generate alerts on critical patching needs. For systems that cannot be patched, administrators can use Mission Secure's policy engine to reduce the risk of exploitation, including limiting access to specific workstations or controllers.

                    Requirement III.F

                    Develop and maintain a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

                    Mission Secure's managed services team works with customers to develop detailed incident response plans, and can serve as the first point of response for organizations who do not have an internal OT cybersecurity team.

                    Requirement III.G

                    Develop a Cybersecurity Assessment Program for proactively assessing and auditing cybersecurity measures

                    Mission Secure’s proprietary technology-based OT cyber risk assessments benchmark your OT cybersecurity; baseline your OT network design, assets, and communications; test your cybersecurity penetration resilience; and deliver detailed findings and recommendations to help improve your OT security posture.

                    Wondering where to start?

                    OT cybersecurity can be a lot to take on, especially for organizations without dedicated OT security resources.

                    An OT cybersecurity assessment is the ideal starting point to determine where you are today and what you should prioritize as you develop your strategy. Mission Secure offers a variety of assessment options to help you identify your OT security challenges and opportunities.

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                    Case Study

                    Midstream company increases security and reduces insurance premiums with Mission Secure

                    Working with Mission Secure allowed this midstream operator to improve its cybersecurity posture and successfully negotiate cybersecurity insurance premium savings of approximately $50,000 per location per year.

                    As a company, we remain steadfastly focused on the use of technology to ensure operations remain safe and environmentally compliant, and that includes the cyber security of our operational control systems. Our work with Mission Secure is part of an on-going effort to maintain operational safety and resilience, including the reduction of cyber security risks.” - Oil & Gas, EVP of Operations
                    Read the Case Study

                    Take the first step today!

                    To learn more about pipeline cybersecurity compliance and our other solutions for oil and gas operations, contact us today. Our OT and ICS cybersecurity experts will be in touch right away.


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