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People power our company. We’ve brought together the brightest with a desire to set the new standard in OT cyber-protection.

Mission Secure Careers

Join a team on a mission to safeguard critical industries.

We are a team united and driven by one mission: To stop OT cyber threats and protect customers' critical operations.

Our people, patented technology, and customers power Mission Secure. We believe Mission Secure is the new standard in OT cyber-protection.

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    Delivering cutting-edge technology to those that need it the most.

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    Helping our people succeed ensures our team achieves for our customers.

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    Protecting critical industries is safeguarding our society. Hackers aren’t slowing down, and we can’t either.

Being a part of the Mission Secure team means what we do everyday impacts our world. We're on the frontline, protecting our cities, military, energy and more from cyber attackers. It's truly amazing and unbelievably rewarding to be part of the Mission Secure team.”
Roslyn Sakaguchi, Director of Strategic Marketing
Current Opportunities

Senior Corporate ICS/OT Cybersecurity Systems Engineer.
- Houston, TX

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