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    Protect and safeguard your OT network and operations with the industry's most advanced, most capable cybersecurity platform.

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      Mission Secure Platform Overview

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        Keep your organization secure against cyber threats and take control of your OT network.

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                About Us

                Our team of world-class OT, IT, and cybersecurity experts are setting the standard in OT cyber-protection.

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                  Cyber Risk: From a Hacker's Point of View

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                    The Cybersecurity Standard for Smart Cities

                    Protect traffic management, utilities, and water systems exposed by increased connectivity.

                    Cybersecurity needs to be part of your city’s infrastructure

                    As cities become increasingly connected, cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought.

                    Build your defense into the foundation of your smart city and guard against increasing threats trying to gain access to these interconnected networks.


                    Helping you meet your OT cybersecurity goals

                    Since 2014, Mission Secure has delivered advanced, OT native cybersecurity solutions to help critical infrastructure operations stay safe, reliable, and productive.

                    • Protect traffic infrastructure

                      Monitor your network and prevent all unauthorized devices and communications.
                    • Wireless protection

                      Wireless technology offers excellent solutions for smart cities, but it needs to be locked down to prevent malicious actors from gaining access to other parts of the network.
                    • Regulatory compliance

                      As technology evolves, stay current on compliance issues that can leave your network vulnerable.
                    • Control third-party access

                      Third-party vendors will need to access your network in order to serve you. Make sure that they have the proper access, and only the proper access.

                    Monitor and assess your OT network in real-time.

                    Most companies and government entities rely on OT architectural diagrams to determine what’s connected to their network.

                    Mission Secure offers a real-time picture of your network so that every device and contact point is clearly visible and controlled.


                    The Mission Secure Platform

                    Mission Secure delivers the only OT cybersecurity platform that enables complete control over your environment, including visibility, anomaly and threat detection, policy enforcement, and Level 0 signal validation.

                    • Asset and Network Visibility

                      Discover and visualize every asset and every network connection in your OT environment

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                    • Anomaly and Threat Detection

                      Identify unexpected or unauthorized activity, from Level 0 signals to cloud connections

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                    • Policy Enforcement

                      Segment your network and enforce granular policies for true Zero Trust cybersecurity

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                    • Signal Integrity Validation

                      Monitor physical process signals to detect threats and prevent system damage

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                    Case Study

                    We make smart cities safer

                    Partnering with Mission Secure allowed this major metropolitan city to eliminate infrastructure exposure and vulnerability in their traffic management systems, allowing them to launch their Connected Vehicle Pilot program with renewed confidence.

                    Mission Secure protecting the MMU is critical because it’s an attractive attack vector. If it’s triggered by unauthorized network traffic or a malicious hacker, we’re left to deal with traffic congestion on the roads, countless man-hours needed to reset the roadside cabinets, and even disastrous consequences like traffic accidents or loss of life." - Chief Traffic Management Engineer
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                    Mission Secure is your partner on your journey toward Zero Trust.


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                      Top 50 City Secures Traffic Signal System and Connected Vehicle Technology with Mission Secure

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                      Traffic Signal Systems from a Hacker's Perspective

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                      OT Cybersecurity Leads to Insurance Premium Savings

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