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    Protect and safeguard your OT network and operations with the Mission Secure Platform and 24/7 Managed Services.

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        Keep your organization secure against cyber threats and take control of your OT network.

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          A Comprehensive Guide to Maritime Cybersecurity

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            Find helpful OT and ICS cybersecurity resources, guides, and downloads.

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              eBook: A Comprehensive Guide to OT Cybersecurity

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                Our team of world-class OT, IT, and cybersecurity experts are setting the standard in OT cyber-protection.

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                  Cyber Risk: From a Hacker's Point of View

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                    Greenfield OT Cybersecurity Design

                    Identify vulnerabilities and build in advanced security controls to make your new facility SECURE BY DESIGN

                    Defend your facility against tomorrow's cyber threats with Mission Secure

                    A new facility is a tremendous investment and a tremendous opportunity—an opportunity not only to create new value, but to protect your operations from day one with the most advanced cybersecurity possible.

                    • Readiness Review

                      Mission Secure's OT cybersecurty experts will get to know your organization's existing IT and OT ecosystem, security solutions, and cybersecurity goals, including applicable safety standards and  compliance obligations.
                    • Engineering Design Review

                      Gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential cyber risks that may exist in your planned facility, including known vulnerabilities in specified systems, convergence points between IT and OT networks, and opportunities for unmanaged external connectivity.
                    • Secure OT Network Design

                      Mission Secure will provide a detailed set of secure design recommendations for your new facility, with the goal of minimizing risk while maximizing safety, productivity, and reliability across the entire OT network.
                    • Zero Trust Policy Roadmap

                      Included in your complete, defense-in-depth security design will be a blueprint for implementing advanced Zero Trust policy enforcement, ensuring that only "known good" connections and commands are permitted to cross the network.

                    Build Zero Trust Security Into Your New Facility

                    Protect your investment by building advanced cybersecurity controls into the OT network design. Be prepared in advance for new technologies, new threats, and new regulations.

                    • Define allowable connections and activity
                    • Create network zones to reduce your attack surface
                    • Implement advanced OT monitoring and threat detection from day one

                    Get Expert Guidance on Best Practices

                    OT and ICS cybersecurity is a specialized field that requires specialized knowledge. Take advantage of Mission Secure's deep expertise to ensure that your facility has the strongest possible security posture.

                    • Evaluate your design against applicable security frameworks and standards
                    • Get cybersecurity designs and recommendations tailored to your environment and goals
                    • Implement cybsecurity strategies that can evolve with your operations



                    Eliminate Vulnerabilities Before They Exist

                    Take advantage of cloud-based analytics, autonomous systems, and other emerging technologies without creating new attack vectors.

                    • Define expected and allowable conditions in advance
                    • Allow only "known good" traffic to critical assets
                    • Secure your network against zero-day exploits and other unpredictable threats

                    Take the first step today!

                    Mission Secure partners with asset owners, EPC firms, and automation contractors to design effective Zero Trust architectures for new industrial facilities. To learn more about our greenfield OT security design capabilities, just submit our contact form, and our OT and ICS cybersecurity experts will be in touch right away.


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                      A Comprehensive Guide to Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity

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