Industrial Cyber | TSA’s July 2022 Security Directive

August 8, 2022

In her coverage of the TSA’s July 2022 Security Directive, Industrial Cyber's Anna Ribeiro provides analysis of the shift from a prescriptive, compliance-based standard for pipeline cybersecurity to a functional, performance-based regulatory model.

Senior VP of Global Services Don Ward provides extensive commentary in the article, drawing on Mission Secure's deep expertise in oil and gas industry cybersecurity.

“The intersection of IT and OT domains is where we need better collaboration, planning, and assignment of budgets and resources to ensure proper progress on all fronts for a unified implementation plan, incident response plan, and ongoing IT & OT assessments and audits,”

— Don Ward, Mission Secure

Read the original article, TSA’s July 2022 Security Directive provides pipeline operators with greater flexibility to fight cyber threats.

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