Lloyd's List | Ethical hacker says ships are wide open to cyber attack

May 27, 2021

Lloyd's List Maritime Intelligence editor Declan Bush covers Mission Secure's MarSec21+ presentation by Weston Hecker, discussing the cyber vulnerabilities and risks for shipping operations, operators, and owners from a hacker's perspective.

With an increase in cyber-attacks and lagging operational technology (OT) security, maritime operations are left vulnerable to cyber adversaries. The numerous attack vectors can span from wireless keyboards and mice to the company's phone network, as detailed by Weston.

"If the ship thinks it’s off balance, its propulsion will not work. And if you’re in a certain kind of canal, or if you’re in a certain type of water, that can be intentionally used to either clog up the canal or to cause piracy and things like that."

— Weston Hecker, Mission Secure Ethical Hacker

Check out the original presentation, Addressing Vessel & Port Cybersecurity.

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Read the original article, Ethical hacker says ships are wide open to cyber attack.


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