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                    OT cybersecurity monitoring AND protection solution adds innovative capabilities to enhance security and keep it simple for engineers to install and manage.

                    Written by Mission Secure News Desk

                    August 22, 2018

                    MSi Platform version 3.2 continues to lead the industry by adding numerous enhanced feature sets in this current release. MSi 3.2 increases cybersecurity to the lowest levels of control systems while maintaining the benefits of a networked environment which can be deployed and managed by a non-IT professional. The results bring cyber visibility and end point protection to Operational Technology (OT) and control systems in a unified, easy to manage platform with a combination of edge-based hardware and software.

                    Control system engineers and CIOs have a few simple questions about OT cyber security:

                    **Will the solution impact operations?
                    **Does it work with industrial equipment/protocols, serial/ethernet, in harsh environments?
                    **Will it protect our systems from viruses, malware, zero-day attacks and insiders?
                    **Is it easy for an engineer to install and manage?
                    **It is cost effective?
                    **Does it bring operational benefits?

                    The MSi Platform was purposes built to address all of these important questions. Operational reliability is crucial when implementing any cyber security solution. The MSi Platform version 3.2 works even smoother with all major control system equipment providers, supports a variety of industrial protocols, Serial and Ethernet, and has wide industrial operating temperatures from -20 to +85 degrees Celsius. In addition to a light footprint and passive network monitoring, the automated “fail safe” option provides peace of mind in critical industrial applications.

                    The platform is purpose built for SCADA, PLCs, and safety instrumented systems in oil and gas and military base infrastructure, and transportation systems.

                    The MSi Platform is the only unified OT cyber solution on the market that defeats malware, viruses, zero-day vulnerabilities and insider threats. OT network monitoring is a necessary feature every company should have for cyber visibility into its control systems. Combining visibility via MSi IDS, machine learning in the MSi Console and easy to install, “plug and play” MSi 1 and MSi Sentinel security appliances for level 1 and 0 protection, provides you both visibility and protection. A new machine learning “learn mode” function brings automated rule generation for blocking of malware and intruders. This makes the product even more powerful and easier to configure than any competing control system cyber solution.

                    Enhanced “plug and play” features make it super simple for engineers to install in minutes, configure and manage MSi security appliances via the centralized MSi Console without requiring a PhD in networking or having to learn clunky programming.

                    While competing OT monitoring solutions require large, up-front annual fees providing good viability, they lack protection. Customers with scarce cyber resources must figure out how to cobble OT monitoring together with outdated industrial firewall technology costing thousands of dollars per unit. Industrial customers are finding the MSi solution to offer superior capability.

                    In addition to cyber security benefits, our clients find operational benefits from having greater visibility down to the controller and level 0 devices at the plant and at remote locations running SCADA. This helps with remote trouble shooting networking issues to save “windshield time”, improves bandwidth and brings edge computing capabilities down to the control level to support IIOT and big data initiatives.

                    MSi’s cyber advisory services, including the control system cyber risk assessment and secure design, blend well with the MSi Platform for a complete cyber package. Our team is helping management and operations teams better understand major control system cyber risks to their business, showing these risks with real-time OT network analysis, providing actionable plans to maximize investment and proactively defend against attacks and helping execute the plans with leading edge, cost-effective OT cyber security solutions and services.

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