MSi Presents a 4th Annual Domestic Security Alliance Council Analyst Open House

October 24, 2018 | Washington, DC

Mark Baggett, Vice President, Industrial Control Systems will speak at the 4th Annual Domestic Security Alliance Council Analyst Open House Hosted by Fannie Mae and Sponsored by the Domestic Security Partnership.

He will present on: The Internet of Things in Oil & Gas Industry: The more connected you are the more unsecure you are.

Oil and gas personnel want information on their wells, calculations and more and the industry is using real-time data to monitor operations. Data is flowing in and out of multiple networks at various touch points and includes access by 3rd party users. What’s the problem with giving access to real-time information? What IT doesn’t realize is that the source of the information is considered a physical critical asset and now you are opening up that critical asset to everyone on the internet and to other connected devices. Once someone is in the network from IT – they can steal your data. In the operational technology world – they don’t steal it – they shut it down and cause damage with it.

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About Mark Baggett
With over 25 years experience, Mark has a deep understanding of control systems and the facilities, assets and processes they help operate and monitor. As Vice President of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Mark leverages his expertise to help assess our clients’ current systems, vulnerabilities, and potential attack points and provides effective mitigation solutions.

Mark has managed engineering, construction, equipment installation and startups for a wide variety of projects spanning several industries. His work includes managing projects for manufacturing plants, oil rigs, refineries, pipelines and chemical facilities. He has extensive experience in the energy sector and has designed, engineered and seamlessly implemented control systems for some of the industry’s biggest players including BP, Total, Shell, Exxon, ConocoPhillips and others.

Mark has worked with ICS in diverse environments around the globe including Canada, China, Jamaica, Korea, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, Spain, and Suriname. Domestically, he’s worked on ICS projects in over 15 states. Passionate about his work, he holds a Bachelors in Secondary Education and frequently teaches control system training courses at San Jacinto Jr. College.

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