Ship Management International | The opportunity to build cyber resilience beyond regulation

May/June 2021

Ship Management International looks at cyber resilience and regulation with Julian Clark from Ince, an international law firm and Mission Secure partner.

Clark discusses the current cyber challenges for the maritime industry as well as the exponential costs. Where does insurance fit in? Today, according to the ISP Association, 92% of estimated costs from a cyber-attack are uninsured!

"If ship owners do not afford themselves of the systems available on the market that can provide the right protection against a cyber attack, this will expose them to the risk of significant damages claims. Additionally, if they have failed to adequately check and mitigate against the level of their vessels’ exposure to cyber compromise, these omissions could amount to recklessness and give rise to a possibility to break the right to limitation, and even amount to unseaworthiness."

— Julian Clark

Read the original article | The opportunity to build cyber resilience beyond regulation.


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