U.S. Patent Office Issues Mission Secure Another Patent

February 20, 2019

MSi Sentinel Covers ICS Cybersecurity down to Level 0

Mission Secure, Inc. (MSi) announced today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded MSi another patent (U.S. patent number 10,205,733) covering the MSi Platform for industrial control system cybersecurity.

The MSi Platform is a combination of software and hardware purpose-built for the operational technology environment providing both visibility and protection down to level 0. The most recent MSi technology patent covers unique methods and systems for analyzing physical-level signal information, such as digital and analog signals found at level 0, to detect a cyber incident. It is only at level 0 where an operator can truly determine the underlying physical system state. Other methods of gathering system information from controllers, the OT network, data historians and HMI's can be compromised and spoofed by an adversary leading to a false view of the system. The MSi Sentinel analyzes digital and analog signals, determines the true physical system state and validates this against what the controllers are reporting and what an operator sees on the screen. This type of level 0 visibility detects sophisticated cyber attacks such as stuxnet, where operators received a false view and controllers operating the underlying physical processes were compromised.

Mission Secure Sentinal

The MSi Sentinel is an industrial grade cybersecurity appliance supporting 24V digital and 4-20 mA analog inputs/outputs, serial and IP-based traffic running industrial protocols, DIN rail mounted and provides operators true visibility for critical control and safety systems.

As industrial companies and the military look beyond passive OT network monitoring solutions based on legacy IT technology that simply try to detect abnormal activity at the network level, they realize a purpose-built OT hardware solution like the Mission Secure Platform is needed to provide OT network visibility down to level 0, network segmentation, controller and endpoint protection, encryption and additional intrusion prevention capabilities. The patented MSi Platform (covered by U.S. patents 9,697,355 and 10,205,773) provides an easy to install, configure and manage solution combining all of the above IDS and IPS capabilities, and more.

About Mission Secure, Inc.
Mission Secure is a leading industrial control system cybersecurity company providing cyber advisory services and the patented Mission Secure Platform to help protect clients in energy, defense, transportation and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. The company is venture backed by leading energy investors including Energy Innovation Capital, Chevron Technology Ventures, Macquarie Capital and Blue Bear Capital, and a member of cyber accelerator program with the United Kingdom's National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ.

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