Don’t rely on a single perimeter-only defense when a multi-layered security posture is needed to protect the most critical assets in your OT network.

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Limit material impact and exposure in your OT environment.

Logically segment your OT environment without the need to re-architect your network — and control all touchpoints inside and out.


No costly, time-consuming restructuring of the existing network.

Deploy Mission Secure’s platform as an overlay to your existing OT network.

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Limit your exposure by creating security zones for robust protection.

Segment your network to diminish the risks to critical assets.


Control and restrict third-party access to your network.

Leverage individual zones to control and restrict user access.

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Limit the possibility of material impact due to cyber events.

Create an OT network environment that’s resilient to cyber-attacks.

Greater OT protection starts with operational control and security.

Mission Secure’s insights enable you to take action and protect your critical operations from cyber threats.

  • 60%
    Only 60% of organizations have a well-defined (documented) system perimeter or boundary for their OT/industrial control systems.
  • 20%
    And fewer than 20% of OT organizations have well-segmented internal networks that are designed to limit broad, unfettered access.
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OT solutions backed by industry experts so you can trust your operations are properly regulated and locked down against cybersecurity threats.

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    See how Mission Secure can help assess, protect, and manage your OT security.

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    Work with Mission Secure to assess your security state and get recommendations for improvement.

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    Put Mission Secure to work in your operations and achieve peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Protect your OT network.

Stop cyber threats head-on and safeguard your operations with military strength, industrial-grade protection 24/7.

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A firewall is like a good solid front door; a centralized intrusion detection is like a great alarm on the front door or a camera looking down the hallway: a distributed intrusion detection system is motion sensors, glass breaks, cameras, detectors throughout the house, and segmentation is where we are actually blocking the traffic, I am locking every door in the house, you will have to break every lock in every room, slowing you down.”
George Robertson, Cyber Security Advisor, Chevron