Interview with Offshore Engineer on Industrial Cybersecurity

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In an interview by Offshore Engineer Magazine, Mission Secure Inc. and partner, ABS, discuss securing industrial control systems in maritime and offshore industries. Greg Trauthwein, Editor and Associate Publisher at Offshore Engineer Magazine, interviewed ABS' Dennis Hackney, Senior Technical Advisor for Cybersecurity and Mission Secure's Pat Differ, Vice President of Industrial Sales.

"Mission Secure was really formed to take a hard look at the industrial control cybersecurity space, specifically from the ground floor up...a hard look at sensors and controllers in addition to the networks. The sensors basically represent game over. Get to them, you're going to cause the most damage. And that area has been very neglected," states Differ. 

The ABS and Mission Secure partnership represents a best-in-class, end-to-end OT cybersecurity approach for maritime and offshore operations. "The (Mission Secure) Sentinel product is at the (Purdue Model) Level 0 so it's actually at the discrete, real-time level," comments Hackney.

offshore oil rig with mission secure logo overlay

Watch the full interview to learn more.