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                  Cyber Risk: From a Hacker's Point of View

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                    InfraGard | IT vs. OT Security: How low should you go to establish real-time protection?

                    Real-time protection for industrial control systems and operational technology (OT) networks

                    Critical infrastructure systems and OT environments should not just be protected from intruders but, more importantly, resilient to potential cyber threats and attacks. Where traditional IT cybersecurity protects critical systems by layering barriers in front of potential adversaries to keep them at bay, protecting OT systems should assume a determined adversary will gain access &mdsah; a fact of today's industrial cyber threat landscape.

                    When today’s adversaries breach the business network, what is your last line of defense protecting crucial the industrial control systems environment controlling physical processes like temperature, pressure, flow, level, and speed? Addressing the cyber threats where they are most catastrophic is where OT cybersecurity needs to begin.

                    Originally presented during InfraGard's virtual session, this on-demand webinar discusses the difference between IT and OT security and the ins and outs for securing ICS and OT networks from cyber-attacks.

                    Learn more about establishing real-time protection for OT networks.


                    About the Speaker

                    Mark Baggett

                    Vice President of Industrial Control Systems at Mission Secure

                    With 30 years of experience, Mark’s an industry veteran and industrial control systems (ICS) expert. Mark’s experience spans the globe with ICS projects across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America, where he designed, engineered, and implemented control systems for the industry’s most prominent players, including BP, Total, Shell, Exxon, and ConocoPhillips.

                    As VP of ICS, Mark’s managed cybersecurity projects for oil rigs, refineries, pipelines, manufacturing plants, and chemical facilities. Routinely invited to speak on ICS cybersecurity, Mark most recently presented at the American Petroleum Institute’s 14th Annual Cybersecurity Conference for the Oil & Natural Gas Industry and is scheduled to co-chair and present in the cybersecurity session at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ 2020 Spring Meeting and 16th Global Congress on Process Safety.