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Mission Secure Cyber Advisory Services
Over the past years, the MSi team refined our methodology into a unique and streamlined approach of assessing cyber vulnerabilities, identifying gaps and providing an actionable plan to address the gaps for control systems and the critical assets they monitor and operate. Our goal is simple - minimize your investment, reduce your risk and raise overall level of security. Here is how we can get you there.

A brief overview of MSi Services

Our Approach

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The MSi team of control system (CS) and cyber experts works with our clients to understand and analyze the cyber security state of their current CS environments. We combine our own deep experience in CS and methods for attacking CS and key components with standards-based methodologies, such as:


NIST’s ICS Cyber Security Risk Framework (CSRF)

Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) recent guidelines for Improving ICS Cybersecurity with Defense-in-Depth Strategies

Sandia National Labs Industrial Design and Assurance Red Team (IDART) Program

Industry specific standards such as IEC 62443 for oil and gas


Our experienced team leverages proprietary tools to quickly understand the current “as is” environment, identify “security gaps” using an adversarial approach to evaluating security, and provide a scoring framework to evaluate security as new controls are introduced into the system. Hands on PEN testing and red teaming are options available to the customer, in controlled environments, to further validate findings from the paper-based approach. The Mission Secure team can also deploy passive network monitoring technology to obtain a real time sample of OT network traffic for customers to gain a better understanding of actual traffic crossing their networks, potentially undesirable communication and more. Further, the MSi cyber lab is an excellent place to test the security of customer equipment against MSi developed cyber attacks and recommended protections.

In addition to identifying the “As Is” and “security gaps” the MSi team will provide recommendations to cost effectively mitigate cyber risks in an actionable road map and cyber defense plan. This enables management to understand the risk, as well as how to mitigate them, projected costs and which measures to implement first for the greater ROI.


Types of Assessment and Design Services
Solution Levels


The Cyber Team

We bring experts in various aspects of control systems, cyber security, deep technical knowledge of methods of attack and defense with prior military expertise, high-end degrees (PhD, MS, BS) in related fields of study, as well as direct implementation experience in field operations for the defense community and multi-national corporations.

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