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Over the past years, the MSi team refined our methodology into a unique and streamlined approach of assessing cyber vulnerabilities, identifying gaps, and providing an actionable plan to secure control systems and the critical assets they monitor and operate. Minimize your investment, reduce your risk, and raise your overall level of security.

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Partner with IT, OT, cybersecurity and industrial experts

Comprised of industrial control system (ICS), operational technology (OT), and cyber experts, the MSi team works with our clients to understand and analyze the state of cybersecurity in their current operational technology (OT) environments. We combine our proprietary OT network analysis technology with our deep experience in cyber and ICS methods for attacking control systems to complement standards-based methodologies, including:

✔ Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Improving ICS Cybersecurity with Defense-in-Depth Strategies

✔ NIST's ICS Cybersecurity Risk Framework

✔ Sandia National Laboratories' Information Design and Assurance Red Team (IDART)

✔ Industry-specific standards (e.g., ISA/IEC 62443)

Experience the MSi Difference: Our Approach

By going beyond typical paper-based assessments and applying our passive network monitoring technology, MSi quickly understands what is happening on your OT network and identifies legitimate cyber risks. Leveraging our proprietary tools enables Mission Secure to 1) immediately understand the current "as-is" environment, 2) examine communication flows on your OT network, 3) identify security gaps and 4) provide an ongoing scoring framework used to re-evaluate security as new controls or spares are introduced into the OT network.

Hands-on penetration testing and red teaming in controlled environments are also available options to test further or validate cyber vulnerabilities. MSi also offers a cyber lab to test the security of customer equipment against MSi-developed cyber attacks and recommended protections.

In addition to identifying the "as-is" state and cybersecurity gaps, the MSi team will provide recommendations to cost-effectively mitigate cyber risks in an actionable road map and cyber defense plan. This process enables management to understand the risk and mitigation options as well as implementation priorities and projected costs for a greater ROI.

The MSi Cyber Team Snapshot

Our team brings together experts from various aspects of industrial control systems, operational technology, cybersecurity, deep technical knowledge of attack methods and cyber defense with prior military expertise, doctorates and advanced professional degrees in related fields of study as well as direct implementation experience in field operations for the defense community and multi-national industrial corporations.

Don Ward

SVP, Global Services

Ed Suhler

VP, Implementation & DOD Projects

Mark Baggett

VP, Industrial Control Systems

Paul Robertson

Director, Cybersecurity

Shaun Smith

Engineer, Control System Cybersecurity

Mike Stilley

Cybersecurity Specialist

Keith Willeford

Engagement Manager, Industrial

Secure industrial control systems, protect operations.

Maintain control and operability

Maintain control and operability from Purdue reference model Level 0 physical devices to Level 1 controllers and Level 2 operator's workstations.

Improve safety and reliability

Improve safety and reliability with a purpose-built ICS cybersecurity solution offering military-strength design with industrial-grade resilience.

Minimize risks

Minimize risks—hackers, insiders, or errors—with superior visibility and protection for control systems and operational technology (OT) networks.

Increase operational efficiency and cybersecurity efficacy

Increase operational efficiency and cybersecurity efficacy with an economical and scalable platform built for, tested, and deployed in harsh, industrial environments.

Navigate an evolving cyber threat landscape

Navigate an evolving cyber threat landscape clearly, guide by an expert-filled team and armed with a single, easy-to-use platform.

Protect operations, people and infrastructure

Protect operations, people and infrastructure with the next-generation of cybersecurity for control systems.

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