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Cyber attacks against critical physical assets and control systems are increasing in frequency and complexity. Successful attacks including Stuxnet, Havex and Black Energy demonstrate how easily Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and their components such as Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) can be compromised to manipulate critical assets in industrial applications. This leaves physical assets and controls in the oil and gas industry particularly vulnerable.

While many oil and gas and petrochemicals companies are actively preparing for these threats, continual improvements are necessary to maintain an edge against a range of adversaries and evolving tactics. For example, some attackers cause seemingly small things to disrupt operations that ultimately result in costly business continuity issues. Others may cause significant health, safety, and environmental consequences and economic losses. And some cyber adversaries use these tactics simply as a distraction or as a learning exercise as they lay the groundwork for future attacks. 

Increasingly, attackers monitor incident mitigation and response efforts and use this behavioral analysis to stage larger events with more significant and potentially perilous impacts. To put it into perspective, cyber physical adversaries are typically in a compromised system for an average of 200 days before their presence is ever detected. This time is typically spent monitoring processes and activities to identify vulnerabilities and map out a plan of attack. 

The MSi team has been combating cyber risks to critical physical assets and infrastructure for many years. Our patented* hardware/software platform provides reliable control system awareness and asset protections to ensure your operations run safely — even during an attack. 

Visit our Solutions page to learn how our unique product can help shield drilling rigs, pipelines and refineries against unplanned disruptions and downtime from potential supply chain interdictions, trusted insider attacks, and other cyber physical threats. Contact us today to schedule a demo. 

The median number of days attackers stay dormant within a network before detection is over 200

SOURCE: Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics