Mission Secure, Inc. (MSi) Launches New Website and Introduces Branding Initiative!

New branding better reflects company’s expanded market scope and specialized cyber defense capabilities across the operational technology (OT) domain.

Charlottesville, VA – August 11, 2016 – Mission Secure, Inc., a specialized provider of cyber protection solutions for critical assets and control systems in energy and defense, has launched a new website and rebranding initiative. The company will now do business as “MSi” while retaining “Mission Secure, Inc.” for legal purposes. The branding initiative reinforces MSi’s unique value proposition and better aligns with the company’s expanded commercial footprint. In addition to its defense customers, MSi now serves a wide range of industries that depend on the safe and reliable performance of critical assets, infrastructure, processes and controls.

“MSi continues to advance rapidly in the cyber physical system security market and we’ve commercialized our innovative and patent pending technology for use in defense and industrial applications,” said David Drescher, Chief Executive Officer. “Many industries rely on OT and control systems to run their operations. These systems were designed for efficiency and safety. They were not designed to defend against sophisticated cyber attacks that could cause severe physical damage. MSi is engaging with a number of diverse organizations that recognize the need to be better prepared for such attacks, including both military and commercial entities.

“Our new branding approach reflects the widespread commercial applicability for our product and our focus on providing innovative OT-focused cyber defense solutions to customers,“ Mr. Drescher concluded.

MSi’s proprietary technology has been in development since 2010. Initially created to help protect critical military systems and platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles and ships, the company’s “MSi Secure Sentinel Platform” is now available for use in oil and gas, power, chemicals, and a variety of defense assets. The Platform operates in the OT domain. It helps maintain safe and reliable performance for control systems and the critical processes they operate by providing visibility, protection, forensics and corrective action capabilities.

“This rebranding initiative was conducted with a resolute eye on the future,” said Honor Guiney, Chief Operating Officer. “The cyber physical threat landscape is evolving quickly. MSi is a pioneer in the field and is well positioned to help our customers address the realities of this challenge and safeguard their operations. Our new branding aligns with our progressive model and conveys the rigor of our proven mitigation technologies and the energy and depth of our growth strategy.”

About MSi
MSi is a specialized cyber defense firm working in the operational technology (OT) domain to protect physical assets and control systems primarily in energy and defense. The company’s patent-pending Secure Sentinel Platform provides “System & Process Aware” visibility, protection forensics and corrective action capabilities for control systems and the critical processes they operate. The product utilizes a dual approach to defend against cyber physical attacks. It protects critical processes down to “Level 0” assets like control valves, breakers, compressors, motors and generators as well as Level 1 controllers and Level 2 HMIs and SCADA to maintain safe and reliable operations. For more information, visit MSi’s new website at www.missionsecure.com and request a product demonstration.

Stephanie J. Dixon
Director of Marketing
Phone: 832.581.2187
Email: Stephanie@MissionSecure.com

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