Cost Effective, Easily Integrated Protection for Digital Relays & Basic Controls

Charlottesville, VA – October 25, 2016 – MSi (Mission Secure, Inc.), a provider of cyber defense solutions focused on protecting control systems for critical assets from cyber attacks, has launched its newest product, MSi 1. The product offers a multi-faceted cyber defense capability to safeguard protective digital relays, remote I/O, controllers, and other intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) crucial to modern control systems.

“We developed MSi 1 to provide customers in energy, defense and other industries an economical, targeted and easily integrated hardware solution that provides multiple cyber security protections for digital relays and basic control system components,” said David Drescher, Chief Executive Officer of MSi. “While HMIs, network monitoring, and PLCs are getting a lot of attention, other network connected control system devices, such as protective digital relays, have largely been overlooked as points of entry for attackers.

“These devices are widely deployed in substations, power plants, and other facilities to protect critical motors and equipment,” Mr. Drescher continued. “They are highly reliable and valuable, yet they lack cyber defenses and can be easily compromised. MSi 1 is specifically designed to close these cyber security gaps and mitigate possible shut downs, damage to critical equipment, and other potentially catastrophic impacts due to cyber attacks on these devices.”

The MSi team will demonstrate examples of cyber attacks on digital relays as well as unveil MSi 1’s protection capabilities at the 2016 ICS Cyber Security Conference on Tuesday, October 25th in Atlanta, Georgia. The team will also provide demonstrations throughout the conference in their booth located in the exhibit area of the conference.

“The launch of MSi 1 demonstrates our commitment to delivering straight forward, cost-effective solutions that can be quickly and efficiently integrated into our customers operations with little to no disruptions,” said Daniel Park, Chief Technology Officer of MSi. “Stopping cyber adversaries is more than just trying to guess if they are on your network. Our products assume attackers are already in your system. MSi 1, along with our Secure Sentinel Platform, is designed to stop attackers and take corrective action before they compromise critical controllers and field devices. We look forward to demonstrating the full capabilities of MSi 1 this week at the ICS Cyber Security Conference.”

MSi (Mission Secure, Inc.) is a provider of cyber protection solutions focused on control systems and critical assets in energy and defense. The company’s patent-pending MSi Secure Sentinel Platform provides “System & Process Aware” visibility, protection, forensics, and corrective action capabilities to safeguard control systems and the processes they monitor and operate from Levels 0 to 2. The Company recently launched the patent pending MSi 1, a Level 1 cyber defense solution for digital relays, controllers, remote I/0, and more. Visit MSi at the Company’s booth at the upcoming 2016 ICS Cyber Security Conference for a product demonstration and check out our website at

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