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                        Mission Secure Launches MSi Platform 3.0

                        Written by Mission Secure News Desk

                        Fully integrated platform provides superior control system cyber security technology Affordable Operational Technology (OT) network visibility and end point protection

                        Charlottesville, VA – January 18, 2018 – Mission Secure, Inc. (MSi), a leading provider of control system cybersecurity to the U.S. military, oil and gas, and transportation industries, unveiled the latest evolution of its patented MSi Platform version 3.0. This version brings both cyber visibility and end point protection to OT and control systems in a unified, secure platform, including:

                        MSi Console - Centralized management, monitoring and protection of control systems across all levels: 0 (field devices), 1 (controllers) and 2 (Human Machine Interface)

                        MSi IDS - Passive, continuous OT network monitoring and anomaly detection

                        MSi 1 – Fully integrated security appliance protects controllers and endpoints

                        MSi Sentinel – Level 0 digital and analog monitoring to understand true system state

                        Why pay more for less?

                        The rapidly evolving control system cyber security market falls into two camps: (i) start-up companies claiming to have the best IDS visibility via network monitoring or (ii) legacy firms offering basic feature, disconnected industrial firewalls. Neither offers a secure, network integrated, all-in-one platform. This leaves controls engineers, IT managers and defense program managers on their own to cobble together disparate systems from different manufacturers, overpay for software and hardware, installation, integration, maintenance let alone figure out who will do ongoing monitoring and investigation. With MSi Platform 3.0 customers gain comprehensive IDS visibility, network segmentation and controller protection, plus a whole lot more on a single platform that can be installed on premise or hosted in the MSi Cloud and monitored 24/7/365. MSi Platform 3.0 makes OT cyber security affordable and easy. Industry research also reveals the MSi Platform costs 50% less than competing commercial IDS solutions and industrial firewalls and a fraction the cost of large defense contractor solutions.

                        Capabilities to defeat control system cyber attacks

                        For the past several years the MSi team has been working with the U.S. military, very large energy companies, and transportation agencies to develop and test capabilities needed to detect advanced persistent threats and defeat them before they can impact your mission and operations. Two realities became evident:

                        1. OT network visibility can be very insightful, but it won’t stop a cyber attack.

                        2. End point protection without integration to network monitoring and a unified management capability leaves gaps in security and ongoing management headaches.

                        The MSi Platform 3.0 works with all major control system equipment providers, supports a variety of protocols (such as Modbus, OPC, CIP and UDP), Serial and Ethernet, has wide industrial operating temperatures from -20 to +85 degrees Celsius, provides unique mechanical fail-safe options and many other features. Whether you are protecting SCADA, PLCs, and safety instrumented systems in oil and gas, unmanned aerial systems and military base infrastructure, or a transportation system looking to communicate with millions of internet connected autonomous vehicles, MSi has the experience and solutions to help rapidly and cost effectively improve cyber security and mitigate risks.

                        “We studied major control system cyber attacks and malware like Stuxnet, the Ukraine, Triton, BlackEnergy, WannaCry and NotPetya, replicated attacks, developed, field tested and refined an industry leading solution providing both cyber visibility and protection,” said David Drescher, Chief Executive Officer of MSi. “The patented MSi Platform 3.0 delivers unprecedented ability to monitor, detect, inform, collect, correct and protect against cyber attacks on control systems and critical assets they monitor and operate.”

                        The MSi Platform 3.0 is available immediately. The Company also offers control system cyber risk assessment and design services. MSi cyber services help management better understand major control system cyber risks to their business, and provide actionable plans to maximize investment and proactively defend against attacks.

                        Visit MSi’s website to learn more about the Company's innovative cyber defense products and services. Contact us for a live demonstration or give us a call at 434.284.8071.

                        About Mission Secure, Inc. (MSi)
                        MSi is an investor-backed, privately held cyber defense company working in the operational technology (OT) domain focused on protecting control systems and physical assets, in the military, oil & gas and transportation industries. MSi is 100% U.S. owned and operated. The company is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, with team members in Houston, TX. Over 75% of the Company’s staff are: network, control systems, hardware and electrical engineers; computer science PHDs; and cyber security experts coming from the military and industrial sectors. For more information, visit MSi’s website at www.missionsecure.com.

                        Interested in learning more? Send us a message.