Patent Issued to Mission Secure, Inc. for MSi Platform

July 24, 2017

> Only control system cyber security solution providing visibility AND protection at control system and instrumentation levels 0-2

> Military Strength, Industrial Grade, Cost-Effective, Patented

Mission Secure, Inc. (MSi), a provider of cyber defense solutions for control systems operating critical assets in defense, energy and transportation announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued it U.S. patent number 9697355 entitled "Cyber Security for Physical Systems."

The patent covers core control system cyber security features and functionality in the patented MSi Platform such as monitoring and detecting anomalous behavior and corrective action capabilities. The patent also includes novel, low-level digital and analog signal analytic capabilities. These non IP-based communication analytic capabilities are paramount for trusted analysis of underlying control system processes to understand the true operational state, recognize cyber events, mechanical failures and more.

Patented MSi Platform - Built for Industrial IoT

"The team has been working many years to invent and refine our innovative approaches, embed cybersecurity into the Industrial Internet of Things environment, identify when cyber attacks are underway and prevent them. We are thrilled to receive this patent to help protect our intellectual property," said David Drescher, CEO and Co-founder of Mission Secure, Inc.

The patented MSi Platform combines industrial grade hardware, proprietary software, military strength cyber security and deploys easily and cost effectively across a customer control system to perform key functions:

• Monitor a control system for anomalous behavior

• Detect a cyber incident, human error or mechanical failure Inform the operator, safety and cyber personnel

• Collect machine data for forensic analysis

• Correct via user in the loop or automated fashion

• Protect critical control system components from being compromised

The patented MSi Platform runs seamlessly in your operational technology (OT) environment to provide unprecedented visibility and protection, without impacting operations. In addition to cyber protection benefits, customers are finding operational efficiencies from improved visibility that essentially pay for the cost of adding cyber security protections into the OT at levels 0-2.

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