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Do recent kinetic and cyber attacks in the Middle East and U.S. signal a next era of warfare?

Author | David Dresher

The pursuit of nuclear weapons (followed by sanctions), oil tanker explosions in the Gulf of Oman, $180 million-dollar drones shot down, cyber attacks disabling military weapons systems and counterattacks against critical infrastructure all converged the past few weeks...Has the next era of geopolitical warfare arrived, and what now?

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Cyber Attacks: Assume They’re Already in the OT

Author | Paul Robertson

The day has come - the adage of “assume they’re already in and will stay in” applies to not only IT networks, but OT networks as well. Not all intruders go straight to a visible attack. High-level intruders exploit vulnerabilities, then set up conditions to maintain a state of compromise, especially in the event there is a detection. We call this persistence.

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